Capas literally means “layers”, “strata” …

Through passing quarrels and games of hide-and-seek, Capas lets us in to a circus version of communal life : convivial, almost family, made from the festive warmth of meetings.

Circus arts mix with music and danse im this show full of poetry and humour.

To rock rhythms and Italian songs a giant and very central cupboard unfolds and reveals its multiple layers.

The music and the movement set the pace, alternating between energy, tenderness and self-mockery. The artists explore the varieties of rhythm and the expressive potential of a technical gesture.

Hand to hand, balance, somersaults and dancing human pyramids; the acrobatics play through all their forms as they explore the “layers” – capas- of personality, of society, at the same time as offering the spectator different layers of interpretation.

A football, a skipping rope, white sheets and the skeleton of a cupboard, all these elements take their turn to become players in the game and the acrobatics.


Best Indoor Circus Show – Zirkolika Award 2011 

Emilio Zapatero Circus Award – T.A.C. Festival Valladolid 2012


ORIGINAL IDEA: Compañía de Circo “eia”

DIRECTED BY: Compañía de Circo “eia” and Jordi Aspa, with Luke Wilson as external eye.

ARTISTS: Francesca Lissia, Armando Rabanera Muro, Celso Pereira Arizaga, Fabrizio Giannini, Cristiano Della Monica.


MUSIC COMPOSITION: Cristiano Della Monica, Massimiliano Sacchi, Le Ficufresche


LIGHT DESIGN: Sarah Sankey

SCENOGRAPHY: Jaume Serrat, Laboratori de Creació

COSTUME: Fanny Fredouille, Rosa Crehuet

PRODUCTION: Compañía de Circo “eia”, Carmen Álvarez Carrasco

COPRODUCED BY: CAER-Centre d’Arts Escèniques Reus , Circ que o ! Pyrénées de cirque, Flic Scuola di Circo di Torino, Konstnärsnemndem, Festival Trapezi / Reus

WITH THE SUPPORT AND THE COLLABORATION OF: L’Union Européenne, Cooperacion territorial España France Andorra, CoNCA Consell Nacional de la Cultura i de les Arts , INAEM, La Grainerie – Fabrique des Arts du Cirque – Toulouse, Carampa École de cirque de Madrid, L’Estruch Espai per al Desenvolupament de les Arts, La Central del Circ – Barcelone, Festival Pisteurs d’Etoiles – Obernai

INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERS: INAEM – Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte del Gobierno de España, Institut Ramon Llull – Lengua y Cultura Catalana



Francesca Lissia


After her passage at Carampa Circus School in Madrid, where she meets her base and travelling companion Celso Pereira, she goes to the north of Europe, to the DOCH (University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm) and passes her diploma, specializing in Hand to hand acrobatics, with honors. With Celso she creates the company Celso y Frana and the show Here Begins the Story. In 2009, along with Fabrizio and Armando, she begins a new voyage with the foundation of Compañía de Circo "eia".

Armando Rabanera Muro


Studies at the RESAD in Madrid in Gestural Theatre, begins his circus studies at the Carampa Circus School in Madrid where he specializes in Hand to Hand acrobatics and Banquine with Fabrizio Giannini. Co-Founder of the companies Cirque Vague (2002-2006), Circo de la Sombra (2006-2009), in 2009 he begins a new adventure with the creation of Compañía de Circo ‘’eia’’.


Celso Pereira


With a Physical Education Diploma from the INEF in Galicia, he takes his first steps into the world of circus at Carampa Circus School in Madrid, where he meets Francesca Lissia, with whom he gives life to the company Celso y Frana and with whom he also leaves to study in Stockholm. Specializing in Hand to hand catching, mini teeterboard and object manipulation he teams up with the rest of the team of Compañía de Circo “eia’’ at its foundation.


Fabrizio Giannini


Physical Education Diploma from the ISEF in Naples, trains at the Carampa Circus School in Madrid where he specializes in Hand to Hand acrobatics and Banquine with Armando Rabanera Muro. Co- Founder of the companies Cirque Vague (2002-2006), Circo de la Sombra (2006-2009), in 2009 he begins a new adventure with the creation of Compañía de Circo "eia", with whom he tours from 2011.

Cristiano Della Monica

Music and composer

Specialist in drums, percussion and bass guitar. In 2006 he enters into the world of circus with the musical direction of Circo de la Sombra, as part of the Neapolitan Orchestra La Mescla. In 2010 he joins Compañía de Circo “eia” for the creation of CAPAS, with whom he tours throughout Europe.


Sarah Sankey

Light design

After a career as performer and lighting designer she comes across the circus with Archaos, one of the pioneers of contemporary circus. Catcher and cloud swinger until 2002, she returns to lighting and works with many companies, including Circo de la Sombra, and she joins Compañía de Circo “eia” from the beginning, creating the light design for CAPAS, and touring with the company as their technician.



Jordi Aspa and Bet Miralta

Founders of the company Escarlata Circus, creators and directors of the Festival Trapezi in Catalonia from 1997 until 2011. They has taken part in a multitude of creations and collaborations with large scale cultural events, companies and circus schools. Escarlata Circus is awarded the National Cultural Prize by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the National Prize for Culture by the Spanish Minister of Culture for the festival Trapezi. 


Roberto Magro

Trained at the Fratellini Academy, founder of the company Rital Brocante and the Festival Brocante, he has been artistic director of the Flic, the Turin Circus School from   2005 until 2011. He is currently the artistic director of the Central del Circ in Barcelona.


Michelle Man

Founder of the company Michelle Man and Friends. After having worked as director of choreography at the Carampa Circus School of Madrid, she returns to England where she works at Edge Hll University et Omskirk while continuing to create choreographies for circus. 


Christian Vippola

Circus Coach specialised in acrobatics and acro-danse.


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